Community Interest Company


Solasonach is run by Jen McAlinden, a knitwear designer, based out of a small home studio in Dundee. Solasonach’s design ethic is to put an innovative spin on traditional Scottish knitwear.

A recent Dundee University graduate with a degree textile design, specialising in knitted textiles, with integrated electronics, I am using the skills I gained over the course of my textiles degree and combining it with my vision for ethereal, magical knitwear, to design, develop and produce creative and inspiring statement pieces that gave the wearer a feeling of opulence and beauty as well as enhanced self-expression.

I combine traditional knitting techniques, dyeing techniques and embellishments in new and exciting ways to produce pieces inspired by the Scottish coasts and inspiration from my own garden to produce really forward thinking, creative distinctive designs.

Solasonach’s series of statement pieces follow my original vision to have integrated smart capabilities that use wearable electronic lights and lighting effects to enhance the beauty and complexity of the designs.