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Riky R. Christian

Riky is an artist and illustrator who originally comes from Indonesia and now based in Dundee, Scotland. Currently he is focusing his creation on comics and graphic novels medium. He has much passions in drawing and to convey all of his thoughts, feelings, ideas, or dreams through his artworks, which always revolve around the ideas and his questions about life. Such as societal issues, philosophy, and spiritual concepts about all of the living beings who exists in this universe. Drawing with using all of his emotions and to immersed himself in the creation of story, as if he was in the scene as a third person and then transform to be the character in it is his main ability to depict the stories. Riky prefer to use traditional technique and he mostly uses pencil, ink, acrylic, and watercolour as his tools.

After he graduated from Visual Communication Design on his undergraduate program, he decides to pursue his childhood dream to be a comic artist and now he is started to living his dream as he just passed his MDes in Comics and Graphic Novels at DJCAD Dundee, Scotland.

Instagram @rikyrchristian