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Neil McIntee


BOX-Ts is the line of clothes designs by Dundee based audio/visual artist and designer, Neil McIntee BA(hons) P.Grad MFA. These designs are based around his main output of work of drawing, painting, sculpture and sound art.

He produces two different lines of design:- work that is photo-transferred drawings on to t-shirts and another which are drawn directly on the shirts and as such are one-off shirts. Both lines are hand made. 

Harmonix series and the printed t-shirts  

These are based around the idea of ‘eye-music’, the idea of creating the effect of sound in visual terms. The original drawings are executed with graphite on cartridge paper. 

Syn Bio series 

These designs are based around an interpretation of Synthetic Biology, which is the use or you could say the abuse of genetic information which is the basis of, for example, genetically modified foods etc.,. There are an ongoing series of 24 paintings of ‘Syn Bio’ executed with acrylic on paper mashe made of junk mail, opened envelopes and other recycled paper and card.