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Kyle Bennett

Kyle is an artist and photographer based in Dundee. His work is inspired by the classic period of documentary and street photography; in particular, the work of artists like Gary Winogrand, Jane Brown and Don McCullin. As part of this, he is particularly attracted to the aesthetic of the black and white analogue film.

Kyle’s first photo series is called Decades and contains photographs taken during the first year following his relocation to Scotland. The work is interested in documenting the life and finding a new home in a place where there is so much accumulated history and experience of which one is unaware.

His work is also interested in ideas of “tribes” and how people find belonging through identification with a given religion, music scene or fashion. His current series is documenting young people of different religions in Dundee and is interested in trying to understand what faith means to people of his age group.

Kyle is also keenly interested in portraiture and is open to commissions from those who would like portraits with an analogue feel.  

Instagram @kylesambennett