Community Interest Company

Guddle Box

Dawn Mullan


Following many years working in financial services marketing roles I decided to leave the ‘rat race’ and follow my dreams to launch a craft business, and so Guddlebox was born.

Guddle is a Scottish word with a few meanings - my favourites are ‘to catch (fish) with hands under stones or the banks of a stream’ and ‘any mess involving water – such as children guddling around in a puddle.’

As a child, I would collect stones, shells, pottery and other bits and pieces from the beaches on the North East Fife coast and my bedroom was full of boxes of things I had found. I love to work for myself and I decided to try to turn my hobby of ‘guddling’ into a wee business. I’ve been working on Guddlebox for a few years now and have been delighted with the reactions I have had to my work. It’s amazing what you can do with things you find on your doorstep.