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Emilie Barr

My name is Emilie Barr and I was raised in Braemar in Aberdeenshire. My imagination was first fired by the Myths and Legends I was told there by our Headmaster, a great Scots nationalist, proponent of the Scots dialect and Scots Historian.

The Picts, ancient inhabitants of the North East and Tayside, stories of the Picts inform my art to this day and I usually reference their symbolism in each piece I draw or create whether I originally intend to or not! Sometimes alongside my own symbols. I hope each piece I make tells a story in the viewers mind or embodies an emotion or atmosphere as story telling and folk lore are my other great passions.

I hope my art conveys in some small way, the atmospheric feeling I often experience in parts of the North East and the Cairngorms in particular which always seems to me, to be a place between two realms. The still undeciphered Pict symbols are, to me the perfect metaphor for this felt but unseen other realm.