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Donald Nutt Games

The game was developed in Dundee over about one year. I started by simply wanting to make a game. It was after a while that I realised that I would focus on a basic card game rather than a complicated board game. I came from a family that played a lot of board games but games development is really a lot harder than it looks. I guess the game Find Livingstone! then simply popped into my head. In the beginning though the rules were all wrong and it took quite a bit of games testing to understand this. Eventually it settled into a pairs games game with a couple of neat, and I think unique, "three card tricks" which all work quite well. Although I'm the games developer and it was my idea, the game involved quite a lot of people. Artists, graphic designers, computer programmers and of course a factory full of people in Germany were all involved in the making of the game. It was actually people from five different countries (Portugal, Germany, USA, England and Scotland) who all helped to put it together!

The game is of course all about the finding of David Livingstone by Henry Morton Stanley in 1872. This American led mission was initiated by Gordon Bennett, the published of the New York Herald. The players start by setting up the "unexplored map" on any flat suitable surface such as a table or the floor. Players take it in turns to turn over cards to find a pair, removing them as they find them. If they turn over the two flags at the same time Stanley has found Livingstone! The pictures on the cards represent people, animals and even some of the Great lakes of Africa. It doesn't take too long to play and any age can pick the game up quickly. Now, what WAS that famous phrase again?